Appel à articles d’Ephemera: “Organizing for apocalypse”



Doomsday preppers, however, are not the only ones to organize around and for global disaster. For instance, the notion of ‘collapsology’, first coined by Servigne and Stevens (2015), refers to the transdisciplinary study of the imminent collapse of industrial civilization. Using shock tactics and provocative videos designed to go viral, collapsologists aim to open people’s eyes to the negative effects of human (economic) activity on climate change and biodiversity. While this focus might seem pessimistic, proponents of collapsology (like some preppers) firmly believe that an opportunity to reset and reinvent society will emerge from the destruction caused by the impending apocalypse.


For this special issue, we invite contributions that consider organizing for apocalypse in all of its possible senses, as a specific event, present or future, as well as an organizing principle, literally or metaphorically speaking. Topics of concern might include, but should not be restricted to:

  • The political character of apocalyptic organizing
  • Apocalyptic organizing as a mode of activism
  • The collective and individual components of organized/organizing disaster
  • The implications of organizing for dystopic futures
  • The spatio-temporalities of apocalyptic thinking
  • Histories of the apocalypse and of apocalyptic organizing
  • The power relations and privileges of organizing for future (as opposed to lived) disaster
  • The role of (digital) media in organizing dystopian imaginaries
  • The affective and/or material dimensions of immanent disaster
  • Feminist and queer perspectives on the end of the world
  • Norms and values inherent to apocalyptic communities

The list is far from exhaustive, and we encourage diverse contributions, just as we invite anyone who would like to discuss an idea to reach out to the issue editors.

Deadline for submission of contributions: September 15, 2022.